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​​Financial Aid

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Angel Fund


One of Gesu Catholic School’s philosophies is to provide financial aid through the school’s Angel Fund to as many kindergarten-8th grade families as possible that need such assistance.  However, please note that there is a set limit as to how much financial aid the school can offer.  Therefore, only families of enrolled students that apply promptly and provide all of the required documentation will be considered for financial aid.


If you feel that you will need financial assistance for the 2024-25 school year, you will need to complete a FACTS Grant & Aid application.  To ensure that all families are fairly evaluated, Gesu has contracted with FACTS to complete financial evaluations.  The FACTS process ensures that our limited financial resources are distributed in the fairest way possible.  The FACTS Grant & Aid application is available to fill out online by logging in to your FACTS account.


Families need to apply for financial aid each year; financial aid does not carry over from year to year.  Families applying for aid must also meet all applicable deadlines for submitting their application.  Families of students currently enrolled and wishing to reenroll for the 2024-25 school year should complete their application for financial aid by May 31, 2024.


Once an award has been made to a family, Gesu requires that the family write a thank-you letter to Angel Fund donors stating how this aid has made it possible for them to attend Gesu.  


If you do not require financial aid, it is not necessary to complete the FACTS Grant & Aid application.


Parents of Pre-Kindergarten students are not eligible for financial aid but may wish to complete an application from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, which provides financial aid for these grade levels.

Archdiocese of Detroit
Tuition Assistance Grant

Every school year, the Archdiocese of Detroit provides tuition assistance grants to eligible Catholic families that reside within the Archdiocese and that have children attending Catholic schools within the Archdiocese.  Gesu families with kindergarten through eighth grade students are invited to apply.  For more information about how to apply, please go to the Archdiocese of Detroit website.

Archdiocese of Detroit
Education for a Brighter Future Scholarship

The Archdiocese of Detroit is sponsoring the Education for a Brighter Future scholarship, which accepts applications from families that have not attended a Catholic (or any other private) school during the previous school year.  Scholarships are available to students entering kindergarten through fifth grade. Annually, this fund will provide scholarships of at least $500,000 to more than two hundred families/students.  A family’s eligibility will be based on financial need; those eligible will be entered into a random drawing in order to determine who will receive an award.  Please click here for more information or to apply for a scholarship.  Applications for the upcoming school year are due in June. 

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